Change A Life Scholarship Fund is a charitable educational initiative established on this widely accepted belief: The life trajectory of a young child who faces economic and social disadvantages can be best improved by access to high-quality education at an early age.


It is the mission of the Change A Life Scholarship Fund to raise and permanently improve the trajectories of young students’ education years, and all the ensuing years of their lives.


It is the objective of the Change A Life Scholarship Fund to develop both immediate and long-term funding, making it possible for an increasing number of students from lower income families to receive the benefits of a top-quality elementary school education at a school with a long and clear commitment to ethnic and economic diversity. 


With its early and unwavering commitment to making quality elementary education available  through scholarship to lower income students from minority communities, All Saints Catholic Academy is has accepted and embraced the opportunity to deliver on the vision and the promise of the Change A Life Scholarship Fund.


Your help and the help of people you know can make all the difference.  Please consider becoming charitably involved as a donor in this unique opportunity.  Help to Change A Life!


To find out more about the Change A Life Scholarship Fund, or for information on donations including Annual or Endowed Funding, please visit the Change of Life website at


To make an immediate or recurring donation using a credit card, you can use our convenient Change a Life "Click n Pledge" payment option.