To Teach As Jesus Did

An "Others" Centered Curriculum


To give our students (tomorrow’s adults) a way to relate to the world that is not self-centered but rather “other” centered. These are the teachings of Jesus.


  • All Saints Catholic Academy will embrace curriculum and pedagogy that reflects peace and social justice as well as stewardship, philanthropic teachings and servant leadership.
  • Examples of such curriculum could include story problems that consider injustices such as child labor, race and poverty, the minimum wage.
  • Students must be challenged to analyze injustices across all curricular experiences in an effort to increase their understanding and to develop a strong moral conscience.
  • Staff members will complete a servant leadership assessment as part of their application process to assess their propensity toward this model. A commitment to servant leadership is expected from ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC ACADEMY staff.
  • Our curriculum will be reflective of the rich opportunities that the perspectives of peace, social justice, stewardship, philanthropy, and servant leadership offer.
  • Parent educational and support programs are key components to our servant leadership approach.
  • Teacher in-service will occur frequently to ensure that school visioning and goal setting are consistent and up-to-date.